Friday, May 21, 2010

I was kidnapped and forced to drink!

OK, really I was I promise! My room mates girlfriend wanted me to go with her to get her nails done yesterday. So we went I had fun with her guy friend making fun of her for the face that she wastes 40 bucks a month on nails. Then we went to Chinese buffet. I did OK there. I over ate, but I ate nothing fried, or battered, nothing in oily sauce. She then informed me I was being kidnapped after work to go to a candle light party. So, we went and my room mate met up with a friend and went to a bar. I snacked on chips, rye bread, spinach dip, sausage. Not as bad as I normally would of done. I drank water instead of soda. We then went to the bar. I had 5 screwdrivers and a shot of Jose ( he is my friend.) When I got to the bar the bartender asked me what I was going to drink and I told her that I was good. But, my room mates like Jamie just freaken get a drink! So, I gave in and they just kept coming. I did stop earlier then everyone else drinking and had 5 glasses of water.I always get the drunk munchies but, I did not eat anything I came home and went to bed when they ate frozen pizza.

Why I Do This Here

Jack Sh*t is doing a blog series on why bloggers are here and why they are traveling on their individual journeys. One of them said " I have been beaten, abused, and molested. I did not live through that to die from this ( and an arrow showing her stomach).
I felt my heart jump a little when I read that. Because that is the case with me. Look at all that I have survived. (You can find my story here.) I did not survive through this so I could have a heart attack at an early age and die. I am better then what I have given myself credit for. I will succeed at this!

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