Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Ok, I was so pissed off this morning when I got on that scale on Tuesday I weighed in at 301.6 I was so excited almost at 30 pounds I was looking forward to telling my blog friends that I was down 29.4 pounds. I haven't been working out like I should be but my diet has been on track nothing that I shouldn't be eating. In fact I have been eating less. But, today I weighed in at 304.8 it is still a loss but not much of a loss. I think I know why. When I get depressed my stomach decides to stop working. I have always had a problem with ummm being backed up. I used to have horrid stomach pains as a child and the doctor would do X-rays. I would be backed up into my stomach. I know not a pretty image but either was that X-rays. This is how my stomach has felt these last few days. So I am sure that has something to do with the weight gain. Today however I need to look at the positives in the last month I have lost 6.5 inches. My pants are too big. I wore an XL shirt yesterday. Last night I chose to go hang out with my room mates girlfriend. She wanted to make dinner and asked me what my room mate like. We decided on pasta went to the store. I had ground turkey and some ground itlian sausage here. She asked me if I wanted the heathly pasta. I told her I am not eating pasta I had spaghetti squash at home. I will eat the sauce over that instead. I did not eat parm cheese on my pasta, I did not eat the yummy smelling garlic bread she had made. Before on my weight loss journeys I would of told myself it's OK it is a rare time you eat pasta. But, I did not!!!

What are your positive for the day???

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