Sunday, August 1, 2010

gum pimples, house cleaning, and 2 days off

Yay, finally 2 days off in a row. I took Monday off because I was running a fever with a horrible sore throat. But, that all seems to be clearing up YAY. Yesterday, I cleaned and cleaned, worked up a fablous sweat took me 3 hours and lots of elbow grease.

Today, I cleaned out my car, did laundry and came to the coffee shop. I am back on my diet since Thursdays post. I am back down to 296 lots of water and back on my no gluten diet. I have been eating cheese but cut it down significantly.

I feel so much better now that I am back on my no gluten diet my head does not feel so cloudy and I am just happy to be seeing the number going down on the scale again. I think I needed the break so I was not being so bored. Granted I did maintain up until eh the last week and half. But, seeing that I could gain 5 pounds in a week made me realize that I need to do this I can not maintain eating "normally" So, I need to get back to doing it the right way.

About a year and half a go I had a partial root canal done. I have not had any pain with it whatsoever once in awhile I can feel the cap coming out and I shove it back in. But, right now I am getting like a pimple looking bump on my gum line by the tooth. I pop it and its like popping a huge pimple and then it starts to bleed. It goes away for a week or so and then reappears but smaller. I am not sure what is causing this but I have no insurance I am not sure if I should eat the bill and go back in or not.

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