Thursday, June 24, 2010


So I got a call from the company that I interviewed for at the begining of the month. I was hired on account of the fact that I pass a physical exam. I am kind of scared. What if I am told I am too fat for this job? What if I am told that I am not in good enough shape for this job? I feel better about it now that I have lost 38 pounds and I am lifting children every day. I think that is one thing that I am blessed with I have always been strong. On one of my message boards there were women all about my weight who were commenting on how they wish they could bathe by themselves, wipe themselves, and tie their shoes. I know there might be other physical issues other then obesity. But, I am glad that I have the capability to still accomplish those things and much more. My friend calls me her boygirl. Before she was married to a man who would do these things ( even married to a man who wouldn't) She would call me to come move things for her. If something was too heavy, if she needed help moving she called me. I grew up on a farm. I helped do the yard work. I guess muscle strength was always OK with me. It was cardio that was my issue.

Today, I was working with a client he was riding his bike. I asked him if he wanted to race back to the car. He said yes. So I ran as hard as I could until he stopped when his sister started crying because she couldn't keep up with us (she was on a scooter). Then we started again and I was walking. He asked me if we could race again and I said yes, I was breathing hard, but I said YES! Off, I went again as hard as I could. We stopped about 500 ft later he was distracted. We sat for a minute waited for his mom for a bit. And I asked him if he wanted to finish racing to the car. For better part of 2 minutes I think I ran. In flip flops. So, now I ask myself why can't I do a C25k?? Simple I tell myself I can't do it. I know I can! I need Jillian or someone like her screaming at me. Telling me I can and I have too! Mind over matter!


What should I expect during my physical?
What are you proud that you can accomplish?
Do you tell yourself you can't do something?


  1. I am proud that I shaved 2 minutes off my treadmill time. Honestly, that's a big deal to me. In the past I have frequently told myself that I can't do something...but I'm changing that mindset. I think that "I can't" attitude might be part of what got me to where I am with my weight.

    Good luck with the physical! You're going to do great. :)

  2. Is this just a regular docter's visit physical or some special "work" physical? If it's just a plain ole regular physical, it's mostly just conversation, breast exam, abdominal exam, reflexes, check your ears...just random stuff like that, then of course blood work.

  3. I think its a special work physical, she said they are going to check my back and to wear tennis shoes and and work out clothes.