Friday, June 25, 2010

C25k, Clothes, Grocery shopping

So this morning I decided to attempt the C25k again. I managed 15 minutes of it with jogging every time it prompted slowly but I did. Some times I had to close my eyes and focus on my breathing to get through it. I realized I need to get a second knee brace. I have dislocated both of my knees more then 3 times ( I have lost count) I wear a knee brace on my right knee because I injured it a while ago at work. I realized every time my foot landed while running (like a snail) I was mentally waiting for it to give out or dislocate. So I think maybe if I wrap it or brace it I will not feel like that mentally. Mind you I am the woman who was told by her doctors at the age of 17 that I will be lucky to walk with out pain in a few years. Because my knee caps are too small for my femur. So, the fact that I am jogging virtually pain free is a miracle!

I went shopping. I got a belt 2 pairs of capris, and 3 shirts. The 20/22 belt fit but still a little snug on the first notch so I got a 24/26. My pants are now 24's the 22's buttoned but were way to uncomfortable. I fit into an 18/20 shirt but they are a little snug and the 22/24 felt better on me.

I went grocery shopping yay! But, I have to tell you that as I unloaded my groceries this morning, I realize that I am getting a little mundane with my food choice, I am gonna have to do some research and find new items!

I am still bloated from TOM and gained a pound even though my eating and working out has been on plan. I think I won't make it to the next decade. But, I am OK with that because I know that I have done everything that I can to loose the weight. It is just mother nature taking its course.

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  1. hello, I was blog browsing and came here because I liked the name of your blog.
    I see you have picked up momentum. Congratulations on your weight loss so far, keep up the good work.