Saturday, June 19, 2010


It is Saturday, I was all set to go hiking. But, Rib Mountain Road is closed for the summer due to contstruction so there goes that. But, I found another place that is actually closer to my house, it looks like flat trails from what I know of the area but on the other hand I will still be out in nature. So, I will go check it out.

7.5 is the numbter of inches I have lost. This week was a much better week for me then last week. I finally measured and I am happy with the results after the bad weight loss I have managed a 7.5 inch lost this month
Bust: 51-49=2 inches
Waist: 47.5-45= 2.5 inches
Hips: 58-55= 3 inches

83 pounds is the weight of a client. One day this week one of my children went in and took out the scale after he went swimming he weighed 83 pounds. You ask why this is important to me ooo because it is. I have to lift this child 3 days a week, swing him around, help him climb trees. This little sometimes likes to be lifted above my head. I thought my muscle defintion on my arms have gotten better and oooo they have. Along with that the pain in my upper body has decreased. I think my muscles are finally becoming strong enough that they don't tire out easily.

26 is the size of my pants. Those pants I bought just 3 weeks ago. Yeah they are too big now. I have to roll them up so they stay where they are supposed too. I need to buy a belt. Maybe, next pay day money allowing. I like them they are actually shorts. I never wear shorts. These are actaully low enough on my legs I don't worry about my scar on my knee showing, or my birth mark that looks like an ugly mole on my lower upper thigh showing.

I have an issue with my legs. I played soccer for 4 years growing up and because all the teams were full I was put on a team with girls older then me. I was awesome at defense. But, the girls always made fun of me for my chicken legs. My upper body is where I keep all my excess weight. So my legs look like chicken legs. After my knee surgery my Physical Therapist couldn't believe how strong my calves were to my quads. Our coach used to make us walk on our toes in order to build the muscle in our calves to prevent spasms. To this day my calves are pretty toned. You can see it when I flex my muscles in my calves. They are no where near where I want them but hey at least I don't have cankles.

200 is the number of the situps I chose to join a challenge for you can see it here . I am on week 1 day 3 right now. I need to remember though that I can take at least a 60 second break rather then trying to kill myself.


  1. Great job on your progress!!! That is awesome!!

    I think of my little boy..he's 74 lbs. Heavy little guy..8 years old. I need to lose much more than that. I can barely lift him! Congratulations on your success!

  2. Wow! What amazing victories you are having. Awesome progress!!

  3. Those are all great numbers! Congrats on the inches lost. That is wonderful.