Monday, June 21, 2010

Obese women 4 times more likely to be single mothers!

One day last week I saw a news story about a study done that stated that heavy woman are 4 times more likely to have children out of wedlock. They were taking comments on the research one woman wrote into the program that says. It is not surprising because fat women are more likely to sleep with anyone they can get no matter the person because they have no self esteem.

Personally, this pissed me off. I sat there mouth wide open. I could not believe someone would comment like that. Or the fact that, that is the statistic! I can kind of understand the fact that most bigger women have low self esteem and do end up sleeping with men to get the love they feel they are not getting. But, I just can't believe that women would care so little for themselves to not protect from that kind of situation. I also do think that we do have some kind of pride and are not just spreading our legs just for anyone! But, really 4x more likely I think that just surprised me.

I am still on plan with my eating and working out. I ended up going to the park I talked about in Saturdays post and walking for a little over an hour. I am on WK1D3 of my sit up challenge. I am 5 above where I should be with sit ups on the last set. Eating has been on plan for the most part. I went out Saturday night. The problem with me going out is I have an issue with drunk munchies. So I made sure I did eat a few chicken tenders ( sauteed) before I went out. But, I had only eaten breakfast that morning and no lunch. So, chips came out that night and I indulged but, I am back down to 294.2 this morning so I am just going to keep trekking. I figure almost 40 pounds in 4 months I am not going to complain!

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