Thursday, June 17, 2010


You ready for this???? Leave all monetary value at home including paper, coin, plastic, and any items worth trading. I brought my food with me and a water bottle that I have filled out through the day. I am hungry yes, I just don't have the means to go buy something I should not be eating.
The last 2 days I have been getting up early enough to go on a walk (only half an hour but eh!) drinking my water like a good little girl. Today I am at 120 ounces of water and its only 7pm. Yesterday, I went on a 40 minute round trip walk with one of my clients on top of my normal walk. I have been working on a 200 sit up competition. So those have also been thrown in. I realized that my line of thought for the last week or so about the VBL is not at all true. I am working on being a healthier and better me. If I join a competition it does not matter. The goal at the end of it is for me to have pushed myself a little further then I would have otherwise. I hate to be saying this, but THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY OR PRIZES THIS IS ABOUT ME!


  1. love it!!! you never realize how much you look for those extra coins to get something out of the snack machine or that coke.

    i agree it is very much about self and becoming healthier in choice and body