Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Love My Self!

My weigh in is OK I am at 298.8. I was hoping for bigger, but then my horrible weekend happened. But, I tell you if you read in earlier posts that this weekend was great for me emotionally! I walk around with a lot more confidence. My boss mentioned to me today that I just seem so much more happier! I do I have learned that my imperfections are OK and that is not who I am, but my confidence, my love for myself, my independence, my new found love for myself is who I am! I am wearing clothes I would of not worn a year ago even though I was less weight. But, now I am OK with those parts of my body. I have learned to love myself and that is what I wanted from life for a long time for now!

May Stats:
Weight Loss: 15 pounds
Food Days: 23 days
Work Out Days: 16 days

My goal for this month is to up my work out days!


  1. Its great that you're feeling so much more confident and loving yourself! That is half the battle right there. Keep it up!!

  2. Thats really good that now you learn that to love ourself plays a great role in life.. and this is good to hear that you now how to manage and to walk according to time.. i appriciate you.. great job.. and happy weekend ahead..

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss you have already achieved! It sounds like you have found an approach that works for you. I love your attitude and confidence. :)

    Just stopping by from the VBL contest to say "hello!" Good luck with your goal for the month!

  4. Thanks everyone! I realized I had a typo its 298.8 wow I guess I am so used to putting that 3 there but never again!