Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Sunday!

So, today I did not get any of my goals done for this weekend I however did go clothes shopping. While I am still in the same size my pants no longer look like I am carrying a load. I dragged my room mates girlfriend down there with me. Yes, the one who made me get in the water last night. I bought a pair of slim leg capris, a white tang top, a pair of black burmda shorts, 2 bras. There was a funny story about the bras I do not know if you have ever been to Lane Bryant (Jimmy thought it was a furniture store!) but, they have a deal where its 25 dollars off a purchase of 100 dollars, 50 dollars off a purchase of 150 dollars. So, my grand total came to 132 dollars. Well, the bras were buy one get one 1/2 off. So, the lady said if you buy another bra then you will be saving money. So, Jenny goes over to the rack picks out my size and says, "She is getting a red one!" Umm OK, she tells me we are building your self confidence getting you out of your box! You need a wild sexy bra!

All of my bras are old and icky. But, I hate shopping for them. I have them measure me almost every time I go in and I get told I am a 48 D or DD. LIARS!!! I said this is a C cup and uhh Its tooo big in the cup. She said well some women their back is broader so their cup size is smaller so lets try a B. Fine but the largest they had was a 44B they gave me an extender. Which to me I think are the most unsexiest things ever. But they fit the cup looked great! So, fine I got the damn bras. We stopped at Jo Ann fabrics and got some extenders so that way I can wear them.

FYI if you go to lane bryant they are having their semi annual sale in June. Buy 2 bras get 2 free. Right now they are giving out coupons for their $25 of a purchase of $50. The lady said it works out about 4 bras for 50 bucks!

Check list for my goals:
Clean car out (done)
Clean room ( done just need to get laundry put away)
Clean Kitchen (done)
Clean living room (done)
All that is left I do believe is my walk! We will see on that right now it is thundering and lightening! I did get in 2 1/2 hours of swimming last night. I refused to touch the bottom because it was like nasty squish in between your toes. So I treaded water and swam a lot.


  1. yeah for shopping! Sounds like you had some great finds:)

  2. Yay for shopping! I have had constant bra wars for months... but Lane Bryant still is the best fit. I'll have to be sure to get there in June. Thanks for the tip! :)