Friday, June 4, 2010


Here is my review for the day MCDONALDS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am sure you all already know that! Today, did not start out a good day. I was all set to get up at 6am go walk my 3 miles return home, shower and go to work. Yeah well I woke up to the sound of it raining! Not, just a little rain I mean for Heaven's sake I am from Oregon I can handle rain! I mean rain that floods the roads with huge puddles that if not careful when driven through would reek havoc on anyone on the sidewalk who is forced to walk in this horrible mess! So do I get on my stationary bike??? NO I DO NOT! I DETEST THAT THING! It has the audacity to make me go numb in my no no area and I cant stand it. I could be a grown up and duct tape a towel or some other means of cushioning on my seat. But, I choose not to apparently!
So I sat and read Host by Stephanie Myer. I was not sure I was going to like this book at first, but I have gotten into it. It is about these aliens who go to other planets that they feel are too violent and they take over the bodies of the Humans ( in the case of Earth) and there is one Soul whose host would not leave her body. It is about the battle with in the body and the need to survive for both of them. I could of read this while I rode my bike, Nope chose not too. I can just hear my competition in the Virtual Biggest Loser cheering at the fact that I am not doing so hot right now! I went to work, came home and made lunch chicken stuffed with feta, spinach, and onion. But, on my way to the library I decided I was still hungry and went and got 2 McChickens with Cheese no bun! Blah now I have a headache and feel like shit! My head hurts, my stomach is protesting at me! On the plus side it has stopped raining so maybe I will go for my walk in downtown and explore a bit.

Yesterday, I made a comment that I loved myself now. I thought I would expand on that a bit. Before I did not wake up and get ready for work by doing the girl things. I did not wear make up, I ran a brush through my hair but did not bother doing it. But now, I am waking up every morning doing my hair, putting on my make up. Minus today, I have been thinking about what I am putting into my body. I am enjoying the day, enjoying the kids I work with, and the activities I have been doing with them. I am going to bed at a decent hour and not sleeping in when I can (this might change tomorrow or tonight. Even though it is a 4 day work week my kids still need their hours in, so I am still having to put in a 40 hour work week. I am exhausted). I am just enjoying life.

My Goals for this weekend:
Some form of exercise every day
No Fast Food
100 ounces of water (slacking lately)
At least 6 rows on my blanket


  1. I hate it when weather makes me change my workout plans entirely. You are so focused on doing the right thing, that when it gets changed, all of a sudden it's like you have permission to not do your workout anymore. I do this. ahhh On a side note, that book is awesome.

  2. snap out of it!!! and get moving. no more mcdonalds for you :p