Saturday, June 5, 2010

This IS my Day!

Ok, yesterday did not end much better then it started! I got a call that my afternoon shift was canceled! So, there goes 5 hours of work BOO! I went home and made eggs with zucchini, mushrooms, and onions. I got into my book HOST and then I realized it was 10 and I was hungry again. I told myself I was not hungry just bored and got some water. About 11 I realized that the hungry feeling had not passed. I ate chips and salsa! Today, I woke up finished the rest of my book (Yes, 600 pages in 2 days) Ate some oatmeal with soy milk and protein powder and sweetened with apple sauce. Had 30 ounces of water and 30 ounces of unsweetened tea. I worked out for a bit did some core, leg and arm strength training. Grabbed my laptop and headed for the library. I was glad I did I went over to Jack Sh*t's blog I needed that it made me realize I needed to just work on today. While my weight is back up to 300 I know I can manage to get it back down by healthy eating and drinking lots of water. How is your day going??


  1. well i was doing great until i saw some oreos. lol but i did drink lots of water so that has got to count for something right?!

    o dodnt like the host at first but went back to read it and liked it a lot

  2. Yes, that is how I felt at first but then it sucked me in. I told my room mate about the competition and hes doing good about keeping crap food out of the house so no seeing the food that is hard for me to resist.