Monday, May 17, 2010

What Iike about my body???

Hmmmm, Good question! Lyn had posted a blog about what she truly likes on her body. She has an awesome tummy specaily after 5 kids and loosing 70 pounds. I want that tummy. I think mine for me is my arms. They don't look like one of a 300 pound woman. I do have some flab, but nothing like I would think a woman at my weight would have. If you look closely you can see a little muscle definition. I really don't do much bicep work. My arms and shoulders hurt at night after picking up kids all day. Some of my kids are near 85 pounds. I am lifting them up off the ground. Some liked to be picked up off the ground and go up over my head. I feel like I get plenty of upper body from that. Tonight is my walk. I told you this therefore I have to do it. I am so happy about my weight so far this week. I think you will be excited too when my weigh in comes. I had some rough eating days. But, I am happy about what I have accomplished!


  1. Great arms and yes, they don't look like a regualr 300 lb womans arms like mine. lol You are lucky. :)

    - Lisa

  2. Definitely nice arms! Much better than mine at 208! We all have SOMETHING good right? :)
    Glad you shared this!

  3. Just wanted to pop over and say hi and welcome to the HYC! I'm glad you have a part of your body you like and I'm now wondering what mine would be. Possibly my face, I've really cut down and out on several things ever since I keep getting comments that the skin on it is much clearer.

  4. You have great arms! Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge. :)