Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stuffed Mushrooms!

I made stuffed mushrooms for lunch I have been craving them forever here is my recipe. The recipe says its for 4 servings. But in reality you have 3/4 of your meat mixture left over. I used 2 packages of mushrooms. I ate the whole pan for lunch... I will probably take the meat mixture tomorrow and add some canned chopped tomatoes and eat it over spaghetti squash. If you eat cheese then you can add some shredded parm cheese to the mixture it will stay in the mushroom better. Aunt Flow is in town so I am expecting a gain or no loss tomorrow. I wanted to go for a walk today but it is pouring with 60 mph wind gusts expected so I think I won't be fitting in that walk. I will probably work out on my exercise ball after work. For now though I just want to relax.


  1. thanks for sharing the recipe!

  2. My Monkey LOVES mushrooms.. I wonder if he would like these....