Friday, May 7, 2010

My Opiate laced milk!

Hmm.. You see that blog post and you are wondering what on earth I am drinking and for my 4 readers you would know I don't even drink milk! I do eat cheese on occasion though not anymore. I went on a walk until I was rudely interrupted by hail (It is may for heavens sake!) I was listening to Man Cow and he had a comedian who is very healthy and very opinionated on his thoughts on fast food and the additives in food.

This nation is a very heavy society. We put so many things in our food, MSG, sodium, "natural" additives to make the food last longer. We know this but then the guest made a comment that dairy is addictive. There is a chemical naturally in the milk to make it addictive for the calf so they will attach themselves to the Tet. It is still in chemically processed dairy products in fact it is much more concreted. So I decided to come home and research it a little bit and here is what I found.
" The most wholesome cow's milk from organically raised
bovines naturally contains a powerful opiate in the morphine
family called casomorphin. Concentrated milk products
(cheese, ice cream, and milk chocolate) contain increased
quantities of these addictive narcotics.Eighty percent of cow's milk protein is casein. After eating
milk chocolate, casein breaks down in the stomach to produce
a peptide opiate, casomorphine"
No wonder many of us have dairy as a trigger food for binges. I think I will be staying completly away from diary for now on.
You can find the entire article here.

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