Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grocery Shopping YAY

I was running so low on food yesterday I was not very hungry after work so I ate a pickle for dinner when I did get hungry because I had nothing. I think my problem now that I think about it is I do not buy anything that is quick to cook other then sweet potatoes or zucchini. I bought some stuff to make pad thai it takes 15 minutes. I bought lots of produce today, the lady at the check out stand told me I was testing her knowledge on what produce was and the numbers she needed. The lady behind me was getting a little annoyed. But, sorry I was not eating her processed boxed food she bought. I bought zucchini, sweet potatoes, spinach, ground turkey, turkey sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, cans of diced tomatoes with oregano, garlic, and one with jalepanos.
One of my recipes I love to do with veggies and sometimes put over spaghetti squash.
Ground turkey
2 zucchini (quartered and then sliced)
1 onion (largely chopped)
5 or 6 mushrooms (sliced)
both cans of tomatoes
bell peppers

I brown the turkey in a pan and in a soup pan I add a few tablespoons of olive oil add in my onions brown, then add the rest of my mushroom. Once all the items are soft but still crunchy I add my brown turkey and and cans of tomatoes. Its full of veggies and filling. Sometimes when I am just craving pizza I will add mozzerella cheese finely shredded and not add the tomatoes with jalepanos.

For the first time in a long time I walked by all of the junk food, chips, ice cream, candy and didn't have to second guess rather or not I wanted it. I just walked by I just said Eh, they don't look good. I was so happy when I walked out of that store cart full of veggies, and lean meats!

B: 16 oz soy milk ( there was no almond milk @ walmart)2 scoops of slim fast
Snack: 2 energy bars done by planters
Lunch: I was so hungry I had 2 crab legs. 1 bell pepper, 1 sweet onion, 2 turkey sausages 6 mushrooms.
Dinner: 1 butter nut squash and strawberries.

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