Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have only been working out for a few weeks, but today I realized how much it has already benefited me. Picture my trying to get a 6 year old who is not potty trained to the bathroom. As, he does not want to go so he darts down the stairs, out the door, through the garage, down the hill, and to the trampoline. I was right on his tail the entire time. Would of caught him but I had to bother with shutting doors and such. But, the great thing is I was not out of breathe I was not grabbing my side in pain. I was not sweating. O and the entire time I was pulling up my pants because they are now loose.

I need to edit my menu.
I didnt have a protien bar for snack I was not hungry and I had zucchini with my sweet potato because my stupid room mate ate my large sweet potatoes so I had to add more substance.

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