Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mindful Thinking

The book covered how we go through our day and don't think of our body and how it reponds to the stimuli. There was an example I read that completly made sense to me. You go to the grocery store to pick up something healthy, you pick up a magazine while waiting in the check out stand line. You see a woman in the magazine who is relaxed eating chocoloate. As you wait in line you can smell the choloates that line the checkout aisle, and you decide to throw a few chocolate bars into your cart. While at home you turn on TV and turn on a new thriller. Due to the suspenseful scense you notice yourself getting tense. You start to crave chocolate and have a chocolate bar.
You walk through the day and your body sees and senses so many things you dont realize. You associate food with feelings rather then taking the time to calm yourself or work through whatever is in your mind. It is so much easier to eat your feleings away or distract yourself with TV or other things. We need to spend some time connecting with our body. Rather it be through meditation or just using our breathing to connect with our bodies.

Breakfast: Slimfast w/soy milk (fyi strawberry is nasty!)
Snack: 1 imitation crab leg
Lunch: Taco meat on a bed of spinach
Snack: Protien Bar
Dinner: Sweet Potato, strawberries.

Exercise: 45 minutes of stability ball

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