Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shoe In Soles

I worked this morning. After work I went to walmart and picked up an arm band for my mp3 player. Then I went to the Good Feet store and got inserts for my shoes. I was having really bad problems with pain and my feet feeling like they are on fire as I walk. I went in and walked out with 580 dollars broker. But, in the hour I was there my knees, feet, and hips felt so much better. I came home and went for a half hour walk and my feet didn't feel like they were on fire they felt like I was walking on hot concrete, and the pain was not nearly as bad as normal. She took a print of how I step down and where my weight is put. The darker spots is where I experience pain. I walk on my toes which explains the tingly feeling in the balls of my feet. That is where the nerves are in your feet and too much pressure and it inflames the nerves which causes them to inflame.

Breakfast: 2 slim fast shakes w/ soy milk
Snack: protien bar
Lunch: Sub way salad with spinach, sweet onion teryaki chicken, slice of provolone cheese, slice of pepper jack, green peppers, onions, olives, cucumbers.1/2 package of apples.
Snack: 1 oz crab meat
Dinner: italian hot sausauge, onion, 2 zucchinis, 4 mushrooms, 2 mozzerella sticks, can of diced tomatoes.
Work out:
hour hour walk ( Mile and half)

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