Friday, April 16, 2010

Eat That Frog pt 2

I can happily tell you that there will only be 3 parts to this series this is not one of my favorite books. I think what throws me off with this small book is that its written towards business people and not for life in general. I do not have multiple tasks at work, nor do i have a sequence to which things should be done. SO this book throws me off that it is written in that direction. One thing though that got me was talking about people procrasinating because they feel inadequate. I think thats why I stall on working out I feel like I am never going to get anywhere. Especially today after yesterdays foot pain. 5 minutes into walking I wanted to cry I managed to get 15 minutes in before I gave up in defeat. I am going to a store tomorrow after work on the way home. They sell insoles and they are feet specialist. I am thinking my arches are falling and I need better support. I am the only one to blame for this after years of going bare foot and wearing flip flops. But I have deformed toenails (they are to wide for my baby toe) so unless I keep my toe nail cut off and completly down to nothing shoes hurt my feet. I think my room mate is either gone or sleeping so maybe I will take my exercise ball to the living room and do the work out dvd it came with for my days work out.
B: 2 servings of slim fast shake w/ soy milk
S: protien bar
L: tilapia served over spinach with green onion and balsamic vingeratte
S: protien bar
D: sweet potato, chicken, broccoli

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