Thursday, April 8, 2010

People are like ......

So last night I got an instant message from someone who normally I can't stand. While in the chat room I go into (BBW 9) he makes fun of fat women. Goes really below the belt to the point where I know he has made a few cry. We started talking in the room he was being social and he asked me what I did for work. Apparently he gained respect for me after I told him I worked with autistic kids. He instant messaged to me to apologize for picking on me and he was going to stop. We discussed the fact that he was once picked on by a lot of the people in the room and he was just retaliating. He was shocked I would give him time of day. I think the reason is that everyone has a side they choose not to show the rest of the world. I think everyone should be given the chance to show others that side.

This decision has gotten some of my friends mad at me that I would forgive someone like that. But, my decisions are my decisions it doesn't mean I am going to start attacking people in the room or make the same choices that the said person is making. I also refuse to choose sides. If someone decides to be nice to me and show me their real side who am I to say that you are not good enough to show me that? I think that people just need to grow up and stop attacking those who they do not know. Everyone has their different opinion and just because others do not agree that does not give you reason to attack them.

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