Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am offically a slacker

How Ironic is it that I am procrasinating reading my 21 ways to stop procrasinating? I am crazy lol. I bought a new mp3 player and downloaded a bunch of Couch to 5K program with voice prompts. I have decided that this is my new program start running. I am excited I scoped out a track that is near by so I dont have to run the hills around my house. But, I either have to get up at the crack of dawn to go running or wait til after work. I weighed in and for a second week in a row I have not lost any weight. I know why. Last night I made home made jalapeno poppers. Stuffed Jalepanos with cream cheese and wrap in low sodium bacon. Well apparently I did not do well in getting the seeds out and had burned my mouth pretty bad so I ate bread which makes me gain weight pretty fast because my body doesnt know what to do with it. I started drinking Slim Fast in the morning and eating Slim fast bars for snacks with veggies and lean protien for lunch and dinner. I have to go to work now just thought I would check in with you guys.

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