Monday, March 1, 2010

All Good Things Must Come To an End??

Well, sadly I finished the book. I love this book I even went out and bought a copy of it. I will be able to reread as I please. There were so many good points in that book. I have really learned to digest my thoughts and even though I have to fight myself to take those compliments. I know this journey to self discovery is going to be a long road with many bumps. But, I am willing to take the journey, are ya going to come with me or even take a journey of your own? I am waiting for my friend Nick to recommend another book to me. So, for now I am going to keep up with my morning meditations and positive affirmations. I agree with her to a point that diseases are dis-ease and cause physical aliments. I however, don't think that is the case with all illness. My brother was born with a whole in his heart. It was not due to negative thoughts or resentments he didn't even know my parents to have any of the hatred that I have for them. So, while I agree with Ms. Hay on many things this is not one of them. However, we are all entitled to our opinions and that does not make me discount the rest of the book. That book helped me a lot. I am still working on many things and I know it will be a long road so while the book is done I am not. So no this good thing will not come to an end!

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