Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Blessings of Love

hmmm normally when I write a blog I have an idea of what I want to write it about or just even a topic hmmm not today we are gonna wing it so buckle up and enjoy your ride! Today, I was reading blogs and came across one that I had to laugh so hard and sadly it described me last night. Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit blog.
I made some peanut crock pot chicken last night. I had a horrible day at work and walked down the aisle and passed all these fattening things that I have no business eating and I just kept agureing with myself on why I shouldn't get it. I won of course and didn't get anything. I got the Pad Thai noodles I was wanting and kept on going. YAY ME!!!
Thursday night I was working with this little boy who can either be the best little boy who is full of love and cuddles or he is God Bless his soul, help me God he is just a little boy I can't possibly hate him this much kinda boy. I had slept wrong on my neck on Wednesday night so I was in pain barely able to move anything. I was reading in between shifts how you need to bless the people in your life with love and then the situation would change. Thursday night was awesome night we played volleyball, played outside, cuddled and read books and played on his little alphabet computer. I blessed him with my love and my job with how much I loved it. Last night I tried it, it didn't work so well. However, I did it after I got there and he was in a horrible mood. It was Friday after all and he was just tired. Sometimes, I feel bad for these families they have people in their house at least 20 hours a week. Some families have more then one child working with therapists and you have people in your house at least 40 hours a week. I can understand where frustration would come in. Yesterday I think was just a bad day for parents as well as children.
Another thing that I read and realized that I am completely guilty of is the fact that I am searching for love. Ms. Hay states that when you search for love you are getting the wrong people. One needs to stop searching for love. Maybe its the universes way of telling you, you are not ready for that love. I was talking to a guy that I am very interested in, but he is in Illinois. He states he is interested in me, but he knows hes not good enough for me. I think he is completely wrong, but who am I to force it? I need to just let our relationship be and it goes where it goes. I also know I need to learn to love myself before I can expect people to love me. He stated it best neither of us are in a place for a relationship. Neither of us love ourselves enough to be in a relationship and we are both searching for ourselves. Who knows if what we want now will be the same as what we want when we are done.
So I think that this whole blog boils down to blessing myself and others with love. In order for my experiences to become experiences that I cherish and love and treasure I need to bless them with love. I need to meditate on the love that I am bringing into the people in my love and wish them nothing but the best and my love.

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