Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What the Scale Said...

So, the scale said ERROR last night. God, that is scary! So, instead of eating my way through these thoughts. I got up this morning and worked out I did 20 minutes of yoga and then I went outside after breakfast and mowed the lawn (Push) and that took 40 minutes. I ate within calories but not exactly the most healthy but not as much as I normally do. So, the goal tomorrow is to cut down on the junk food and eat more healthier food and stay in my calorie range. Menu: Polenta 2 ounces of Sausage 2 eggs Dinner: Panera Bread Asian Salad Panera Bread Turkey Artichoke Panini (1/2) Panera Bread Strawberry and Cream Scone Snack: 1/2c of M&M's Fluids: 16oz coffee with 4 TB of creamer, and 4 tsp of splenda 75 oz water Acai Berry Tea with 1 pk of Splenda

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