Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Injury and medifast

Yesterday a client at work got mad and went to punch me in the face in the end hitting my hand I don't know why I have this thing where I need to protect my face heaven forbid he hit my face seriously flying fist at head you protect yourself. But in the end he did damage to my hand soft tissue and possibly tendon damage. I was told it would heal in a week but right now it hurts even typing this is annoying my hand.
Medifast is going well no cheating have lost 12 pounds since Friday. There is a few moments here and there that I feel hungry but I just drink more water. I am just done with this weight and this program is pretty much fool proof. I hope everyone is having a better week then I am.

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  1. so sorry that you had to go through that :( some people have no control. FABULOUS job on losing 12 pounds!!