Friday, July 2, 2010

Wow It has been a week!

Sorry guys! I just have been feeling like I am running all over the place this week. My sleeping habits have been down the drain this week which has gotten me all messed up during the day. I was waking up every hour and sometimes falling back asleep and other times not so much. I started taking melatonin and it has helped me greatly! My physical went better then expected.
BP: 116/88 (I think thats how the numbers go but those were the numbers)
EYE SIGHT: 20/20 I was able to read the bottom line on both eyes he tried to get me to read the copy right but I couldn't see it.
Naturally my drug test was negative. And my TB test was negative.
I was able to carry boxes of 150 pounds. And lift a life size dummy from wheel chair to bed and back again.

Weigh in I am 294.6 this week. Last week was all over the place I was up to 300 before the weekend hit. I am on the run just wanted to check in with everyone have a safe and happy holiday!

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