Friday, May 28, 2010

Food and other Random stuff

Today was a good day. I had my oatmeal with protein powder mixed in. My mom gave me protein powder a while back it has 20 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber in it. I made it with soy milk lots of protein and fiber. Today was pay day which means that its my one allotted eating out day I could of done better but I could of done worse. I had shrimp wrapped in bacon (small shrimp in half piece of bacon about 6) 1/2C. of rice and a cup of moo goo gai pan. Dinner was good I made a pizza tortilla
1 GF tortilla
2 TB of creamy basil sauce
A handful of spinach
3 mushrooms sliced
1/2 sm onion sliced
Sprinkle feta cheese on after it is cooked
Make sure you cut your veggies very thinly. The tortilla will be crispy fast. I ate 2 of these. It was delicious.
Beck Diet Solution
I am already on week 2 of this book. I realized everything so far is stuff I have been doing this time. Other then the cards. I do not eat standing up, I have a mentor rather mentors in all of those in blog land. The next thing on the list is to plan my days and my meals. So here is the deal I hate planners I keep saying I will do them, but I don't follow through so instead I am going to write out my goals for my three day weekend:
Clean my room
Clean the living room
Clean the kitchen
Clean out my car
Walk @ least 6 miles ( My knee is still bothering me so rather I do this all in one trip or through out the weekend not sure)

So I have an issue I have jeans and the waist is slightly large but they stay up with out much trouble. But I have no ass and it seems to be where I loose the weight first is in my ass and thighs. My pants look like that of those old men who look like they are carrying a load.Does anyone else have this issue and if so what do you do about? Technically my waist is not small enough for a smaller size but my ass sure is!

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