Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fad Diet BullSh*t. Hippie BullSh*t, Holistic BullSh*t

I was talking to a friend of mine about a recipe. I asked him to make it but omit the cheese for me. Jokingly told him he can serve me breakfast in bed. It turned into a discussion of my eating habits. I don't know if I have really made it clear here for all of my eating habits.
1. No Gluten
2. No Dairy
3. No Red Meat
4. No HFCS
5. No Sugary Drinks IE pop, juice
He understands the dairy and gluten rules. They make me physically ill. He asked me to explain the others. No red meat; first of all cows are not meant to eat corn, it builds toxins in their system. I have my own toxins thank you very much! He retorted with holistic bullsh*t. Also, if you change from red meat to poultry you make the same impact on the environment as switching from a Camry to a Prius. That is where the Hippie Bullsh*t came in. No HFCS; Princeton performed long-term studies on lab rats that showed that rats that had a daily intake of HFCS gained 46% more weight than rats who had the same amount calorie-wise of sugar each day. They also got more abdominal fat and had higher triglyceride levels. That got me the response of Fad Diet BullSh*t.

His answer is eat less and move more you get skinny. I really wish that worked. I have food allergies that prevent me from just doing that. A lot of times if the animal you are eating is being fed the items you are allergic too it will cause reactions. I am fine with restricting my diet like this. There is always alternatives to things you just have to look and be willing to spend the extra money. Tonight, I binged on Chocolate chip cookies, they were however gluten free, egg free, dairy free. I still ate a whole bag but, I did not go over calories for the day. I also do not feel sick like I would of had I went and polished off a bag of normal chocolate chip cookies.

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