Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crazy Diets

I was on AOL today viewing the news. I am bad this is about the only news I partake in and half of it isn't news. But, this headline grabbed my attention: Crazy Diets! OOO I had to go read it. Some of these diets I remember my mother partaking in. But, here they go because some of them are so funny I just had to list them out.
-Morning Banana Diet: 1 or more bananas for breakfast with warm water and then whatever you want for lunch and dinner.
- Cookie Diet: 5 cookies a day and one meal in reality you are eating under 800 calories a day no wonder you loose weight.
- HCG ( I have a friend on this diet): It is a hormone that is injected. This hormone is made out of ...Are you sure your ready for this????... Hormones that are found in pregnant women's urine! It is supposed to curb appetites, but your also only eating 500 calories a day!
- Alternate Day Diet: 1 day you eat whatever you want and how much you want while the next day you eat 200-1000 calories a day. Watch out for the people on the dieting day because I am sure they are crazy. In fact studies show people become more irritable on those days.
- Martha Vineyard Diet: This diet includes days at the spas mud baths, enemas, and a liquid diet.
- Blood Type Diet: Based on your blood type you will either be eating all veggies or mostly meat. The authors of this diet believe that certain blood types need certain kinds of food.
- Coconut: Load up on coconut oil it is supposed to lower your appitite but it also highers your cholesterol levels.
-Facial Analysis Diet: An analysts comes in and determines your food allergies based on your skin texture, hair, and eyes. I think I will stick to the doctor thank you.
- Tart Diet: Drink a mixture of Maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice GROSS!
- Cabbage Soup: A veggie soup I can get on board with that, but to eat it for days and only that for days! Of course the weight is going to come back after you eat normal food.
- The No Cardio Diet: Apparently the author of this diet feels that cardio is bad for you. Uhh has he done his research??
- Grapefruit Diet: 1/2 a grapefruit before every meal. I am sure this diet works because you are only eating 800 calories a day.
- Fat Flush Diet: No caffeine, No carbs, No alcohol. you load up on cranberry water mixtures. There is no proof this diet does work.
The main thing I see on all these weird diets is hmm lower calories. So why can't we just lower our calories and work out more. I can tell you why. We are a give me society. We want everything now with little to no effort. America as a society has become lazy and our self will has gone down the drain. We want to be skinny and not have to put the hard work into it. Between surgeries and weight loss drugs, why should we attempt to loose it? I am ok, working on this journey because if I stay on this life style change and succeed then I have become a stronger better person inside and out. I will never end this life style change but, I will have the self confidence because I did it on my own with the help of my blog and message board family.

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