Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bad couple of days.

Its been a bad couple of days eating wise and working out. Thursday I did really well and then I craved chocolates. I did well I waited my 20 minutes I still wanted chocolate so I went to the store and got a dark chocolate bar well 2. I was going to put one in the freezer for another time like this. But, then my room mate wanted me to pick him up chocolate milk ... O I miss cholocate milk. So i got myself a 6 oz bottle. Then at the check stand there were a cup of donuts ( they are mini put into containers a serving is 350 calories.) So I picked those up. I ate them in the car so my room mate wouldn't see me eat them. Then I came home and ate my chocolate bar.

Friday I was doing good. I had pad thai with tofu for lunch. Went to my first shift. I normally walk during my break, but we had a tornado warning. I chickened out and called in for my second shift ( I am so not used to this stuff!) and came home had dinner early. BTW, no tornado so could of worked. Later that night I was sooo hungry. I made a sandwhich (bread bad bad) then I went to return movies I wanted ice cream. I went to culvers and got a raspberry cheesecake concerte blender and a corn dog! Geez woman no wonder I woke up with acid reflux. I only gained .6 pounds so I am going to go for my 5k walk today after I finish reading blogs and drink my slimfast. Hopefully I can come out of the week with a loss!

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