Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It has been a great day!

I have had a great day. The morning shift went great. Lately, with the client I work with I feel like I havent been making much of a difference. I felt like I wasn't liked. His Mom was always comaparing his attitude he has with another therapist. I have been working with him less then a month so he is still testing the boundaries with me. This morning he was laughing and playing with me more then he has in the last month so it made me feel so good.

After my shift, I came home cleaned the kitchen and read Savor and worked on my blanket. I made lunch and took a nap. OOOO that nap was heaven so needed. I have not been sleeping well. I have been having a lot of dreams lately that I either wake up in the middle of the night or super early.

Yesterday, I meant to put something into my blog that I did not have a chance too I thought you had enough to read. It is a mission statement so I am going to put it here today and then share with you what I read today.

My Mission Staement for Healthy Weight and Well- Being
Through being more mindful and paying better attention to my health and well-being. I will lose 25 pounds by: June 13, 2011, and keep it off over the following year and beyond.
Beginning Goals, 4/20/2010
- I will practice some level of mindfulness every day with a goal of increasing the amound every week.
- I will walk at least 5,000 steps or half an hour every day, and slowly increase this each week until I reach 1 hour per day.
-I will buy more fruits and veggies. ( I buy plenty of veggies I need to buy more fruits.)
- I will not buy any sugary sodas. ( I do not buy soda, but I will not buy anymore latte's)
What the book talked about today was that we need to be mindful of when and what we are eating. Our society spends to much time running around and we have taken to eating prepackaged food and not paying attention to what we are actually eating and appericate it. They say when you eat do not read, do not watch TV, do not sit in front of the computer. Pay attention to what you are eating, spend the time to chew each bite at least 25-30 times. Contemplate the tastes that are in your mouth. Take the time to apperiacte the time and energy that went into each individual part of the meal.
I am really enjoying this book, it is adding a lot of insight into why and what we are eating and to be mindful of what we are doing.

Slim fast w/soy milk
Protien Bar
Lunch: 1sm sweet potato, 1 sm russet potato, 1 zucchini, 2 mushrooms, 3oz pork
Snack: 1 bag of cheetos
Dinner: 1 sweet potato

40 minute stability ball

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