Thursday, April 29, 2010

Almond Vs. Soy Milk

Ok, now that adding pictures side by side has taken me 30 minutes grr. I can actually write my blog. So where was I going with this post?? Oh yeah *picture me smacking myself in the forehead* I was going to write how I went to the store last night to pick up more soy milk for my slimfast shakes. I can do dairy products, but not raw milk. A few years ago I was having issues with IBS like symptons and my natural path doctor suggested it might be a gluten allergy because it is heridatary and my mother has celiac disease. So when I came back the next month he asked how the symptons were. I told him that for the most part gone, but I had flare ups on occassion. SO he suggested I also emlinated dairy. In my head I was throwing a fit like a 2 year old. I wanted to stomp my feet and scream. YOU ARE TAKING AWAY MY BREAD AND MY CHEESE! ARE YOU NUTS! But, I didn't I said ok, and behaved like a good little girl and stopped eating them. But, then I felt so deprived and gave up on all restrictions. The 90 pounds that I had lost has all came back. I am being a good little girl again minus the occasional cheese. And have dropped 30 of it again.

So, back to my story. They were out of soy milk. I am not saying just my kind but, there was unflavored (ICK!) soy milk which I do not like. I live in the dairy state now, why is there no soy milk?? People here make fun of me for drinking it! Fine, I will buy almond milk. If you want to hear the truth I perfer hemp milk, but in this state where my Oregonian hippies have not invaded the grocery stores and force them to carry hippy products there is only one brand of hemp milk which is grainy, and nasty and I am not paying 5 dollars for 20 ounces of grainy substance in milky colored water. So, this morning I decided I was going to look at the differences between almond milk and soy milk to see which one I will continue drinking. They seemed pretty close to the same thing except soy milk has more protien until I found one site. You can decide for yourself what you want to drink. Due, to the length of this post im just going to include the cons of each and give you the link for the entire article.
Almond Milk:
-It is risky for those with low thyroid functions.
-It is an inadequate option for an infant's diet to be replaced with breast milk.
-Deficiency of Iodine results in goiter. Almonds are considered as goitrogens. The chemicals present in them inhibit thyroid function as they interfere with the iodine intake.
Soy Milk:
-Excessive use of soy leads to breast cancer and also other cancers.
-Many brands manufacturing soy milk contain more sugar and chemicals than required.
-Isoflavones from soy milk are held responsible for thyroid disorder, leukemia and breast cancer.
-Phytic acids in soy milk lead to low absorption of vitamins and minerals.
-The high level of phytoestrogen decreases the testesterone in males. The production of sperms is affected.
-Early onset of puberty as well as adolescence in males can be attributed to the phytoestrogen from soy milk.
-In women, soy milk can produce abnormalities in the reproductive tract which can lead to infertility.
-Estrogen in soy milk is harmful for babies.
-Fatigue, fever and wheezing are some of the reactions to soy milk.
-Consumption of soy milk sometimes leads to sudden skin problems like eczema, acne and swelling.
-The toxic aluminum in soy milk affects the nervous system and kidneys.
-Excessive consumption of soy milk generates stomach problems such as abdominal cancer.
-Sometimes, it develops allergies like coughing, sneezing and congestion. Read more on soy milk dangers.
I think I will continue buying almond milk now...

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