Monday, March 22, 2010


Yesterday I watched Precious. It was so hard to watch because it reminds me so much of my past. The flying things at the head, the sexual abuse. I got lucky though because while I might of been subject to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse the latter was not done by my father. I also was lucky in the fact that my parents did love me enough to make sure my schooling was in tact and wanted me to be successful in life. Miara (sp) Carey played a social worker in this movie, I remember the scene where Precious told her that she couldn't handle this job, or her family. I completely understand where Precious was coming, you get a woman who is trying to get everyone to discuss their problems yet she can't sit through it. While she showed emotion she still looked weak. But, my point with the social worker is why doesn't that happen anymore? People go to get assistance and it is no longer talking about life its what is your expenses and your income OK here is your money. How is one suppose to change their life if they are not offered the help to over come the obstacles mentally that was given to them.

I think in the weight loss journey (well many journeys) that is a lot of people's problems. They try and fix the problem with out looking at the cause of the issue. They diet they finally get that food obsession out of their head yes its there quietly telling them to eat but it gets under control. And then your brain is left there with free time to think. So these mental demons come screaming and yelling at you that your not worth it, that your going to gain your weight back. People forget sometimes that we turn to food for more reasons then just because we are hungry. We turn to food as our support and our comfort. The problem is that we are not addressing the reason we turned to food in the first place. So, eventually unless these demons are taken care of during the journey eventually you are going to gain it back, because you are still turning to your friend Food.

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