Thursday, June 10, 2010


So, now that it has taken me an hour and 45 minutes to catch up on the last 2 days of blogs. I can start writing my own. So for MY official weigh in on Wed I was at 295.4 so that is a loss of 3.4 pounds. I was looking at my schedule as I had written it out and it did not look like that much I mean it looks like I have 3 hours worth of breaks. But, with my job I have to drive to the clients houses so in actuality my day looks like this (yesterday):
Leave @ 7:15 Arrive @ Clients @ 8:00am
Leave Clients @ 11:00 Return home @ 11:30
Leave House @ 12:30 Clients @ 1:00
Leave Clients @ 5:00pm Arrive at Training @ 6
Leave Training @ 7:30 Return home @ 8:15

So it is a long day for me. I had put stuff in a crock pot on Tuesday night to cook when I was at my first clients house and eat at lunch and pack up to go with me to the second clients house and then eat on the way to training. But, I was still hungry. I did not make enough SO, I stopped at Taco Bell. I thought I was going to die. About an hour into my therapy session I started getting severe chest pain and pain up through my neck. It did not have the acid I get when I get acid reflux attacks. I took some deep breathes and prayed that I was not going to collapse of a heart attack at the age of 25. After a while the pain ended up subsiding.

It was nice last night when I got home the whole house was cleaned. It was messy. Some days I feel like I am the mother of these 2 grown men and always clean up after them. I do the dishes, I scrub the bathtub, I scrub floors. So once in awhile I stop cleaning to see if they will do it rarely do they. But, I had planned on doing it today, I do not have to be at work until 4, but Jimmy did it. I felt bad he hasn't been home in a week. When he did come home he came and cleaned up. Although the living room was his mess, papers strewn everywhere. It was a good thing though because I woke up this morning and the pain was back in my knee the spasms and the pain every time I put weight on my foot.

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  1. well that is a bit freakish and scary. hope you are able to find out what that pain is.

    clean houses are always a blessing, especially when you dont have to do it. :)