Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Next Decade!

So Katy said she was making a mission to be in the next decade by next week! I have decided to join her I am going to be 289 next Tuesday for the VBL weigh in. That as of right now is a 5 pound loss. I know I can do it I have done it before. Today, I took my client to the park we went to the park where I normally do my walks it takes me about a half hour to walk the path that loops around the park. The mother parked about half way through my trail and we walked while the kids rode their bikes. I ended up power walking with so I could keep up with the children. I was sweating and breathing hard by the time we got to the park. Gave both kids under doggies ( have you tried doing this in in sand???) for about 10-15 minutes. And power walking back to the car. I think today I am going to conquer the hill by my house. I know its good for me so I think I will walk up and down it a few times it will be good for my legs.

On my message board we set goals for ourselves and check in with them once a week my goal was to loose 5 pounds and a 1000 minutes of exercise. I have lost the 5 pounds this month and am at 800 minutes of exercise. I am doing well! I am proud of myself! I do not know if that sounds conceded but every once in awhile I need to remind myself of such so I do not start being negative with myself.

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  1. You absolutely need to give yourself praise sister! You're doing great and we will conquer this decade this week! I'm going to work hard hard hard!!!!!