Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Can!

Now that I have lost almost 40 pounds I can....
-Cross my legs
-Run with my clients
-Get up off of the floor easier
-Touch my hands behind my back
-Tie my shoes standing up
-Walk 3 miles
-Wear some of my clothes again that I bought on my previous weight loss journey
-Stand for longer then 5 minutes before my knees hurt
-Wear my heels again
-Pull my pants down with out unbuttoning them
-I can go straight down to the floor with out readying myself for the journey by using an item to lower myself down
- Run up and down stairs


  1. fantastic work well done :)

  2. yay!! that is freaking awesome!! congrats and cant wait to hear about your next milestone!!

  3. I hope you are VERY proud of yourself. Good job.

    - Lisa

  4. Congratulations Jamie! Great job! :)