Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am on the mission to fix myself... SO many people have blogs that are focused on weight loss or just random stuff. I started reading a book called You Can Heal Yourself By: Louise Hay. I decided to start a blog in order to go through this book and Heal myself. Not just the weight which does need to come off or the relationships yes those need help too. But I need to work on me as a whole and love myself before I can make anything else better.
On page 28 it asks the basic questions that she asks her patients so here are my answers:
Q:What is happening in your life?
A: I just moved to Wisconsin from Oregon away from all my family and loved ones. I am trying to figure out what is going on with my room mate and I. I have a job I love, but not making enough money. I ended a 6 year relationship in October which spurred the move.
Q: How is your health?
A: Over all my health is fine I do have allergies to wheat and dairy. I have fibromyalgia which is brought on by stress and lack of sleep. I get migraines on occasion.
Q: How do you like your work?
A: I love my job I love working with autistic kids. I wish it paid more but its a great job!
Q: How are your finances?
A: I am not making enough money in order to pay my bills but I manage to juggle it.
Q: How is your love life?
A: It is pretty much non existent. The men I date are not good enough I know this but part of me doesn't think I deserve better. I stay away from most men because i am afraid I am gonna get hurt.
Q: How did the last relationship end?
A: The guy decided he needed to focus on his sobriety rather then on a relationship which I understand but then he didn't stay sober which really hurt.
Q: And the relationship before that how did it end?
A: I can already tell you from all the self work I have done I sabotage my relationships. I am afraid of ending up like my parents and living a miserable life and putting future children through that. When I get serious I run!
Q: Describe your childhood briefly.
A: My parents fought constantly they split up 6 times before they finally stayed apart. They fought all the time and I felt the need to pick my fathers side with everything. Which caused much tension between my mom and I. We fought way too much and part of me blames myself for how my parents relationship ended. When I was ten and she left my father she told me that she left because I was out of control. I have learned later through many psychology classes. That my parents were adults and chose to behave the way they did I had nothing to do with it.
WOW that was a lot in such a little time. All things that I knew through self work, but you kind of look at these answers and would of asked me a year ago there wouldn't be so many positive answers which is kinda scary, but at the same time good because I am making improvements in my life. There is an exercise on the next page, but I have to get ready for work. I hope that for the few that read this blog will be encouraged to go and get this book and go through this journey with me of learning to heal ourselves.

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